Legacy’s Demise? Magazines/Newspapers on iPads?

The Daily, a paper made for the iPad, is closing. Nieman Journalism Lab discussed. Main points:

  • Poor platform, without an easy web-base. – Lesson (my analysis): again, the web-based homepage for papers resembles a formal, traditional paper…thus legacy and social still need to work together to fully succeed in producing full fledged news. Twitter can work on its own, because it’s not full stories but headlines basically.
  • Content was too all over – social media can be a melting-pot, but papers still need to have an audience in mind and for apps to succeed, they need to be specific as well.
  • Poor structure
  • Bad business model – one person suggested that it should have been built for phones first then the tablet. Thoughts? Would phones get more traffic, so advertising could follow?
  • It had too many staffers for too little money – again, where the specialized journalists working for various institutions would help.

But this article from NJL also discusses the bright possibilities for legacy to combine with technology.

29th Street Publishing is one of a number of startups that aims to change that by making it (relatively) simple for publishers to make magazine apps for Apple’s Newsstand.”

Ok for standard magazine, but is it smart to make self-publishing, and self-publishing under the guise of a legacy media form, that of magazine, smart? Will credibility cease to exist? Who can be trusted? Yes, it’s democratizing, but shouldn’t journalism be a practice upheld to a certain standard, a standard that needs quantifiable qualifications and somewhat of a hierarchy? 


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