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P.S. The White House Joins Pinterest

“It’s part of the stated White House strategy of engagement across a variety of digital platforms.” ‘Nough said.  Advertisements

Legacy’s Demise? Magazines/Newspapers on iPads?

The Daily, a paper made for the iPad, is closing. Nieman Journalism Lab discussed. Main points: Poor platform, without an easy web-base. – Lesson (my analysis): again, the web-based homepage for papers resembles a formal, traditional paper…thus legacy and social still need to work together to fully succeed in producing full fledged news. Twitter can […]

Campaign Decision Makers Conference

This article from Slate discusses some key points revelead during Harvard’s Institute of Politics Campaign Decision Makers Conference. (They released the audio here). Not only did Obama’s camp always consider Romney the lead, but they also used three different polling methods to ensure they were getting the most accurate information on what people in different […]

Social Media – bad for the future of journalism, good for candidates

Obama’s use of big data during this election helped him win the campaign.  “The Obama campaign has used cookies to track its supporters online since the 2008 election. It spent the past 18 months creating a new, unified database, factoring in some 80 pieces of information about each person, from age, race and sex to […]

Benjamin A Simon Election 2012 Blog

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Media in the 2016 Election

How is media informing, influencing, and/or impacting this year's election?

Media and the Presidential Election - 2012

How is media informing, influencing, and/or impacting this year's election?