Gun control?

There are an estimated 270 million guns in the hands of civilians in the United States, making Americans the most heavily armed people in the world per capita.”

Nina Gonzalez asked the unpopular question during the Town Hall Presidential Debate: “What has your administration done or planned to do to limit the availability of assault weapons?”

Obama: “You know, we’re a nation that believes in the Second Amendment…And I believe in the Second Amendment. You know, we’ve got a long tradition of hunting. …” Finally admitting that he favors renewing the ban on assault weapons. Romney somehow managed to discuss advising kids to get married before they have kids.

Obama and Romney both failed Gonzalez’s question about gun control, according to Adam Winkler.

And the media failed us, the general public, by failing to explain what the current laws are, why lobbyists play such a crucial role, and for failing to directly question the candidates themselves (I will give props to CNN for this).

For example, the greatest problem with this article from the Wall Street Journal, “Where Obama and Romney stand on gun control,” is that the candidates were prompted to convey their stances after a push from Mayor Michael Bloomberg….not journalists (i.e. reporters, i.e. interviewers, i.e. those who should be asking the questions!). Further, gun control, such a hot-topic, blood-broiling issue, is so often complicated by ill-use of words…failure to clarify and say, assault-weapon, or hand gun etc. 

From the Examiner: “Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of the National Rifle Association contends that gun rights is a politically toxic subject that is better left alone.” It seems the media is letting it alone b/c they a) know the candidates will skirt the issue, thus leaving them seeming silly, as if they were asking the wrong question and b) because they seem to be daunted by the task of distilling the topic into understandable, digestible pieces of information for the non-gun owning layman. 


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