Obama the Victor! First thoughts post-Election Night

Obama won – declared NBC at 11:18pm. I sighed a sigh of relief early in the night as CNN and NBC made their early projections. I sat, computer in my lap, tinkering on this trying to track every outcome.

First, watching NBC in CT was a riot. I am used to watching in NYC, which stays with the national broadcast at all times, never letting Brian Williams and his hilarious smirks out of sight, but here NBC kept randomly reverting to local news, calling Murphy as the senator when 11% of the votes were in, covering both his acceptance speech and McMahon’s concession.

Why the coverage began at 7pm, I do not know. For two straight hours – and I did track it – practically every word out of William’s mouth was “too close to call.” If any night proves that pundits don’t really have a lot to say, this is the night. Castellanos on CNN was gold: “when you’re at the starting line, especially of an election, it’s better not to shoot yourself in the foot.” In the words of a sarcastic friend, “Oh, really? Do say more.”

NBC felt it necessary to show exit poll results for a bit. This was an attempt to fill air space, obviously, because the questions are generated by pundits and not people, and what a voter says has no real relevance to an outcome.

A list of things I thought about:

  • Fox attributed Romney’s long wait to concede as byproduct of his being a “man of manners,” who wanted to gracefully congratulate Obama. Sure… or he was scrambling to write a speech, after a campaign staffer reported that he hadn’t written one/ he was waiting to make sure there was no chance he could win.
  • Puerto Rico was given the option to become a state?!?! Why was this not all over the news? Why did I see this as a Tweet, and not hear any of the pundits talking about it? YOU HAD TWO HOURS TO KILL BEFORE RESULTS – discuss some other Election Day Issues
  • On that same note, gay marriage and marijuana were legalized in a few states….but CNN preferred to discuss that millennials seem to be liberals…. Solid reporting CNN. 

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