Debate #3: Journalists/Networks Twitter Ethics?

Opinion: Obama won. He was aggressive from the get-go. According to CNN his strategy was to date the Republicans on their foreign policy stance (which might have backfired). He brought his A game, he also created some memes (e.x. Bayonets and Horses). Further, conservatives can critique Obama on Israel, but he did pledge to stand with the country if attacked, and while he has not been there during his presidency, at the very least, as he pointed out, when he visited he didn’t do it to fundraise. Further, Mitt Romney’s camp released this commercial post-debate on China, a fear inducing ad; too bad his continued practice of sending jobs there was repeatedly mentioned last night.

When the debate actually discussed foreign policy (which it did very little of), Obama was clear and Romney often just agreed with him or critiqued the President for other issues. However, besides just watching the debate last night, I paid a lot of attention to Twitter, specifically to Tweets from reporters/networks. My analysis and conclusion from the Tweets is that somehow on the Twittersphere any ethics on opinion and bias goes out the window for journalists. Journalists, whose tweets are affiliated with networks, seem to give their own opinion.

CNN: Fact Check: Romney’s Navy size comparison pointless #RTFActs #CNNDebate

Ezra Klein: Obama to Romney: “Every time you’ve offered an opinion, you’ve been wrong.” 

Ezra Klein: If you want to check the record, here’s Romney’s “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt” op-ed: …

Richard Engel: #nbcpolitics obama says no regrets on turning on mubarak, says democracy worth it, protecting people worth it. So why not syria months ago?

Retweeted by Wall Street Journal: Obama to Romney: the 1980s is calling to ask for its foreign policy back, reference to Romney saying Russia greatest US threat. #debates

David Gregory: Obama – all over the map means America is less safe. President making clear he’s actually been commander in chief. #NBCPolitics

Paul Begala: CNN lines move up when Romney talks favorably about Latin America. Where he wants folks to self-deport?


CNN Politics :.@DanaBashCNN gets the inside scoop on Romney’s debate preparation: foreign policy is about the economy. #CNNDebate 



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