Liberals Fret, Claims the Drudge Report

I saw this Washington Examiner article on the Drudge Report, claiming that liberals are fretting Obama doesn’t want a second term after his lack-luster debate performance (also of note was the report saying Biden was taking six days to prep for his debate against Ryan, which seems like a silly waste of a reporter’s time).

I have two issues with this piece. The first is the quote from a Hollywood liberal who goes unnamed (which is sloppy journalism in my mind):  “Everyone is in shock,” one show-business liberal told the Hollywood reporter.  “No one can understand what happened.” Why this person? Who is the person? Should we care what this person is saying? I bet the reporter could have easily found one show-business liberal who liked Obama. In fact, I saw celebrity post-debate tweets on PerezHilton (guilty pleasure) and Eva Longoria loved Obama in the debate.

Second, this reporter quotes Harry Reid and Michael Tomasky as two men who are currently questioning Obama, but does that mean all liberals are fretting? How can you shape the narrative of a story based on a few isolated quotes pieced together?

As far as the Time article about the Nixon-Kennedy debate, the first debate was Romney’s Kennedy-esque moment. Unfortunately, in this new age of Twitter and social-media journalism, every time Romney spewed a lie, the web lit up and was able to call his stage perfect presence as b-s, something that didn’t work as quickly during Nixon-Kennedy. Further, even days after the debate journalists are still saying Romney’s points were dishonest.


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