So last night’s debate was lack-luster. Ezra Klein from the Washington Post summed it up nicely via Twitter:

 Ezra Klein ‏@ezraklein

Romney won this debate by seeming specific. Obama got some good ads out of what he got Romney to be specific about. 

So, we can all agree – Romney looked presidential and waxed eloquently while Obama looked a little under-enthused and refused to use short simple sentences, he also got a little testy with Jim Lehrer (re… “I had five seconds before you interrupted me”).

Things to note. I loved the NYTimes fact-checkers that were live-fact checking throughout the debate. Able to debunk myths on 716 billion and 5 trillion.

Pre-debate talk on CNN said that Obama could possibly bring up Romney’s record with Bain and the now infamous 47% quote – Obama brought up neither, meme created…he’s a gentlemen?

More possible memes… “Kill Big Bird” and Romney’s question to Obama, “Can You Help Us?” The Professorial President (repeated time and again on CNN) – is it bad that Obama is smart? I think not. Why cast this as a bad thing?

As for the media’s pre and post-debate reaction. Fox put out a pre-bias alert against ABC.

Post-Debate CNN commentators agreed Romney seemed more lively, but admitted he’d had more time to practice. They feared that Dodd-Frank and Simpson Bowles might have gone over some people’s heads, and then failed to explain what they were…

Spin room coverage was interesting – the best being Romney’s spinner saying he got his 56 point plan down to five points, with Obama’s spinner rebutting by aksing “and how would he do it,” the general theme of the night.

I watched Fox’s commentary afterwards out of curiosity, but it was just all Romney loving.

Further – why did CNN have that stupid wiggly line graphic showing undecided voter (male and female) reaction (positive/negative) to what the candidates were saying – it was pointless and skewed viewer opinion.


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