Political Advertising

I was forwarded this video today and thought it was interesting. First off the body of the e-mail says:

“Every week, Jack Myers shares his unique perspective on the state of the media and advertising business in this free video. Jack’s full report and economic forecasts are available to subscribers at www.jackmyers.com.

I typically don’t wade into political waters, but the more than five billion dollars being invested this year in political advertising demands attention. Will the spending by campaigns and PACs impact election outcomes? Of course, but a more important influence may be an audience of first time voters who are among the least exposed to political advertising and the least impacted by it. For insights on how 18 to 22 year-olds are likely to vote and what the influences are that are impacting their voting decisions, watch this week’s Video Media Business Report.”

Just posing a question as we begin to look at video campaigns…is political advertising via traditional media even relevant to 18-22 year olds? I don’t live in a swing state, but I tend to never see political campaign ads, and when I see one by the candidate I don’t want to vote for, I tend to just mute the ad. Further, is my age bracket, even relevant to this election cycle?

Also, look at this link. “Comcast has created an Xfinity TV-branded site for one-stop election content shopping. The multiplatform offering will be a 24/7 source for live and archived programming, including speeches, debates, entertainment programming, and news coverage accessible on-air, on-line and on the go, although some of that content will require a cable subscription.”

Do you think having all offerings in one spot is useful or an information overload?


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