Domestic Policy, Debate #1

The first presidential debate is fast approaching and Politico and the Washington Post are theorizing on what Obama and Romney need to do to succeed.

Obama can’t be smug and Romney needs to reassure voters that he’s not that behind in the polls.

Are the debates that useful though in actually relaying facts and plans? Are they just more airtime for the political strategy? This quote from Politico about Obama’s pre-debate prep seems as if there is more concern with diminishing Romney than with neatly surmising his points on Domestic Policy:

“The president’s team has hunkered down at the Democratic National Committee headquarters on Fridays for the past three weeks. Axelrod has helped craft attacks on Romney’s Bain Capital record, reluctance to address his own health care reforms in Massachusetts and 47 percent comment that Obama has tried to deliver without appearing mean-spirited or overconfident.”

The debates, while seemingly excellent times for swing voters to learn about the candidates, seem to also be a platform renegotiation period that can help change each candidate’s campaign narrative. The media of course reports on the narrative change rather than the domestic policy facts covered or not covered.


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