Fox Asks…. “Can you trust the mainstream media?”

This was posted on Fox’s website on Wednesday. How perfectly fitting for this week’s topic (sorry I couldn’t embed the video, but check out the link).

Here, I’ll be frank….Fox is not my favorite channel. The people sitting around a table discussing if the mainstream media is biased, are so blatantly biased that it’s almost funny.

Favorite moments – when they call mainstream media a “hippie dance” that polls “organic food co-op” goers in NYC, and where they proclaim Fox is the “only place you can feel good about your country…people don’t want to hear the gripe show.”

I’m sorry, why is Fox the only place I can find news that will make me feel good? I thoroughly enjoy the “Making a Difference” segment on Nightly News with Brian Williams. It makes me “feel good about [my] country,” and that’s only one example. But I digress. 

I feel petty even responding to the outrageous statements made by these people who say that the recent events in Libya have not been properly reported because there are “hacks covering for Obama.” Yes, clearly the NYTimes is covering for Clinton and the Obama administration. No.

But let’s move on to their dislike of polls. One of the guys (sorry I don’t know their names) asks how two polls can have such vastly different results, one in favor of Obama the other in favor of Romney. First, which polls is he talking about? Could we have an on-screen graphic showing said polls? Could he say the polls name? Remember when I talked about Maddow’s Blog and the post that linked out to Real Clear Politics that showed all polls in favor of Obama, so which poll is this guy talking about? Second, the former pollster in suspenders makes a valid point that there is room in all polls for a plus and minus of 4% — to which the other guy says “stop it, stop it,” as if facts are actually not warranted in the discussion. I will add he says, “you can make [a poll] whatever you want based on a sample,” but as suspender man says – for the most part poll are unbelievably accurate.

I found this discussion on bias to be biased, no-fact based, shady commentary that implied journalists, quote, “were smoking something.” At least Maddow, whom I love, rests her opinion on documents and NPR on lengthy studies. 

The blond woman states that the healthcare bill is unpoluar – and sure to some peope it is, but can we have a quote, can we know who it’s unpopular with? Certainly not the whole country.

It’s funny because three of the speakers said that mainstream media doesn’t provide any substance in their reporting. Sorry – you all had a ten minute segment wherein you read figures from a piece of paper without ever saying what you were quoting. Real substantial. You also played a clip of Sean Hannity saying “liberals out there…Obama in private is laughing his ass off because you are so dumb.” Awesome Hannity, thanks for letting me know I’m being fooled. 


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