Polls Skewed in Favor of Obama and Maddow’s Bias?

A post on the Maddow Blog discussed right-wing dissatisfaction with mainstream polls that favor Obama. The republicans are claiming the polls’ sample sizes are based on 2008 demographics and are thus not a proper representation of this year’s voters.

This leads to a larger discussion on polls – which I know is coming up in the coming weeks (i.e. polls can be skewed based on myriad factors, cell phones, the people who choose to comment v. not comment, shady axis labeling etc.) – but on a smaller level it can be intertwined with news bias.

The post reads: “So, every national poll released over the last several weeks — literally, all of them — show Obama leading Romney. Unsatisfied with these results, the right has decided to fiddle with the figures, and wouldn’t you know it, the new-and-improved polls all show Romney leading Obama.” So clearly the Maddow Blog is left leaning – the sarcasm is obvious – the writer thinks re-looking at the polls is silly. That said he substantiates his opionated stance by showing MANY polls on Real Clear Politics. That said, why would major news organizations publish inaccurate results – can all of them be in Obama’s favor? Are all of their polling techniques bad? I mean, even the Rasmussen Report on Real Clear Politics now shoes Obama leading…and Rasmussen, used by fox, has been called biased before! The fact that right-wingers have such different findings suggests there is bias in media reporting…or does it? How can we “fact-check” polls. Who is to trust?

On one other note, this clip below, again clearly leaning left – shows Romney’s investment in Cnooc, the Chinese oil corporation that has deals with Iran, and now wants to buy a Candian oil firm in the Gulf of Mexico. Romney sold his shares before debates in Iowa, and claimed it was a blind investment… but then again a few years ago he said a blind trust is an “age old rouse, you can always tell a blind trust what it can and can’t do.” So is Maddow biased for targeting Romney…or does she succeed in presenting enough “facts” of his shady actions/involvement? 




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  1. Rachel Maddow is so freaking smart that I hate to think of her as also being biased. I mean, “bias” has such negative connotations, given its connection to racial stereotyping. I’d prefer to think of Rachel and those who post on her blog as simply “having a viewpoint”. I had also noted your point about the polls, which is that — like factcheckers — the seemingly neutral function of polling becomes highly suspect when conducted in a political milieu.

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