Bain Capital + User Comments

Ok, so this is a funny spoof from SNL, parodying an Obama campaign add against Mitt Romney and Bain Capital.

This is an article from Rolling Stone (more of an op-ed, column I guess?) that attempts to explain and attack Romney and Bain for their seemingly un-ethical practices of buying companies and burdening them with debt.

What struck me most about the article was not the accusation made by Matt Taibbi, but rather the user comments. As much as I resist the switch from print to online journalism, I do like the open forum that every online article provides through its comment sections.

I tend to have like-minded friends and so after reading a partisan article we all sit around and agree. User comments come from a vast array of people and thus often include remarks that I not only whole heartedly disagree with but also make me search for evidence and proof to negate them, thus strengthening my own opinion (and on the rare occasion, forcing me to change it). I should add, I don’t ever actually leave comments – I just read them.

For Taibbi’s article – many people felt it was sloppy journalism, not substantiated by facts, which led me to think – how much is known about Bain? Why has it not been covered more, rather than just being parodied? 


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