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Fox Asks…. “Can you trust the mainstream media?”

This was posted on Fox’s website on Wednesday. How perfectly fitting for this week’s topic (sorry I couldn’t embed the video, but check out the link). Here, I’ll be frank….Fox is not my favorite channel. The people sitting around a table discussing if the mainstream media is biased, are so blatantly biased that it’s […]

Journalists Have to Dig Deeper

The “he-said, she-said” formula discussed on both Nieman and PressThink is flimsy journalism that does not help anyone get to “truth” (whatever that term may mean). Although a reporter can quote two opposing viewpoints, and thus claim to be unbiased in presentation of fact, the validity of the two opponents statements is still questionable. Thus […]

Polls Skewed in Favor of Obama and Maddow’s Bias?

A post on the Maddow Blog discussed right-wing dissatisfaction with mainstream polls that favor Obama. The republicans are claiming the polls’ sample sizes are based on 2008 demographics and are thus not a proper representation of this year’s voters. This leads to a larger discussion on polls – which I know is coming up in […]

Janesville GM

I have to admit I don’t know exactly what I could do to help the Janesvill story. NPR and The Washington Post both go back and quote original sources (speeches), and they both refer back to local papers tracking the plant closings (where the trouble seems to occur), very well.  The Gazette Extra published pictures […]

Chaos on Bull$hit Mountain

By now we all know that on the day Romney planned to revamp his campaign (a story picked up and covered by major broadcast news outlets — did they have nothing better to cover? why are they covering a campaign strategy change?), a video leaked wherein Romney said he was unconcerned with winning the votes […]

“Just Don’t Trust Anyone Who Tells You How You Should Think”

…was Andrea Seabrook’s closing quote in Adrienne LaFrance’s piece on Nieman Lab, one of the sites I promised to monitor religiously. Quick recap. Seabrook left NPR to create her own podcast, Decode DC. She’s not really making money at the moment. There are two $5,000 ad spots. However, she is about to work with HBO […]

Fact Checking and Leaked Footage

Jay Rosen knows how to work his hyperlinks. I could barely get through a graph without opening up a billion (slightly hyperbolic) new tabs. That said, everything he linked to was elucidating on the state of anxious journalists who want to be “producers of innocence” and seem bipartisan at the sake of not correcting totally […]

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How is media informing, influencing, and/or impacting this year's election?